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Like the others said, Spider-Man needs to pop out a bit more from the background. The anatomy of the figure is great, but the spider sy...



The ROBLOXian War

This could be the end of ROBLOX as we know it.

created by XJCLW

Chapter 1: The beginning of the end.

XJCLW was just a normal ROBLOXian. He lived in a normal house, with a normal family, using a normal television, going to a normal school, and playing normal sports. Or so he thought he was normal, but he was not.

XJCLW was having a nightmare. He saw images of dead people flashing in his eyes, then a guest standing over him with a knife, and then a generic blue-green-yellow noob with a ROBLOX logo on his chest knocked out the guest and saved him. He woke up with a start when the noob had a gun to his head. When he opened his eyes, he felt a cold, metallic object pressed against his temple.

He spun around, grabbed the glock and smashed the noob's head in with his elbow. Noobs, you see, are very fragile, like sugar-glass. He checked under his bead and found his briefcase. Although he was only novice in rank (One above Noob), he was a programmer, modeller, and a map maker for the games page. A rare yet useful combination of skills. Noobs and guests had infinite respawn, so it didn't matter to kill them. He didn't pay attention to the opening in his wall that lead to a room that had a man-shaped vacancy of space in the back wall of said opening.

Months earlier he modelled and programmed some weapons in case of a war or assassination attempt. He qualified this as an assassination attempt and flipped open the briefcase. He pulled out his wrist-mounted grappling hook that had a blade that hooks extended from when it was shot into a surface and clipped it onto his wrist. He shot it into a special lock for a case inside the briefcase, and pulled out his plasma dagger, regular sword, his 51 plasma grenades, and his building tools that he used when creating personal servers. He flipped the television on switch (In ROBLOX LED TV's have light bulb-style switches and not buttons.) and decided to watch the news.

“We're getting attacked” said President Builder-man. “The Noobs and Guests from all over the world-and some traitor novices – are taking over. We're switching to EricBlox9's live view from a helicopter.”

“EricBlox9? That's my best friend! He hasn't been very active lately.... he's a novice too!” yelled XJCLW.

“Here we are, hovering over XJCLW's house and the Noobs and Guests are piling up at the door.... Oh my god, that's my best friend's house, I'm jumping in!”

XJCLW heard banging on the door to his room. He shut off the TV, and the door dropped.

Millions of guests came charging in. He was throwing them out his window, slicing them up, stabbing them with his dagger, but nothing worked. He shot his grappling hook at his neighbours house and dropped a grenade in his room. “Good bye....” he said. He zoomed away and a Noob jumped out and grabbed his leg, then a guest grabbed the Noob's leg.

The guest clambered on to XJCLW's body, pushing the noob off. The guest pulled his head back in an attempt to snap his neck, but XJCLW ducked, resulting in the guest ripping the rope when he was about 2 meters from the ledge. The momentum had him crashing in to a wall face first, then falling off and spinning in mid air before landing on his head. The house exploded above him – plasma grenades were really slow. Everything was going dark, and he could feel nothing. “Is this what death... I-” he was interrupted from spitting out the blood in his mouth “-s like?” he whispered to himself. A big, red, flaming brick fell on his head, then everything went white.

Chapter 2: The crazy man from the light.

The intense light faded away as EricBlox9 and TooProMex stood above him. A man walked through with the name-tag Bass over his head. He helped XJCLW up. “XJCLW, you are a descendant of Admin, the creator. He made you to become the most powerful being in ROBLOXia. You could beat everyone combined in the snap of your fingers if you realize your full potential. Also, I have hidden something special in your briefcase.”

This guy is nuts, my case also exploded, but I probably shouldn't say ANYTHING because he might have proof. Thought XJCLW. Bass asked him to train in the ways of combat, and XJCLW accepted the request. They got ten steps away from each other, then Bass formed balls of aura in his hand. “The only gear that we could recover out of your amazing arsenal was the sword and the grappling hook. Try to deflect these spheres with it!” “Ready. Set. GO!” yelled Bass. XJCLW pulled out his sword and couldn't even move fast enough to get CLOSE to blocking them. He got hit, and was flung back ten steps. “Come on now, I know you can do it!” said Bass, shooting off 20 balls this time instead of 2. Suddenly, everything turned slowmotion, but in his eyes only XJCLW could move normally. He deflected 5 by hitting them with the flat side of his sword, then did a matrix style dodge for about 10. The final five were coming. He hit one – then the second one came. It was about to hit him so he did a backflip and reflected it in mid air. The third one was about to hit him RIGHT when he landed, and he deflected it. The fourth one was deflected and fifth one was dodged.

Chapter 3: Invasion Transformation

To everybody else, everything including XJCLW was moving in normal speed. “What. The banland. WAS THAT!? And I get bullied in SCHOOL?” said XJCLW, sounding extremely surprised. Alright, maybe he's not a COMPLETE psychopath... thought XJCLW. He looked at bass. “WATCH OUT!”screamed XJCLW, using his grappling hook to take out a noob behind him. XJCLW spotted a syringe in Bass's neck and he saw Basses body inflating. The round edges were getting sharper and sharper – he was losing his ROBLOX 2.0 body and was turning into the classic blocky one.

“Help.... me...” said Bass, in an exhausted tone. His skin was yellowing and his clothes had already ripped when he was turning into blocks. Blue strings appeared and wrapped around his torso piece, turning it blue. Green strings did the same to his legs. His “awkward face” from the ROBLOXia Catalogue turned into the default one worn by noobs, then the word ROBLOX shot into his chest and he then had the logo. He slammed his fist on the ground and the entirety of ROBLOXia shook. He got up and charged at XJCLW.

XJCLW front-flipped over bass and grabbed him, sword to his throat. “I don't want to do this....” said XJCLW, throwing Bass-Noob into the ocean. Noobs could swim really well, so he had that going for him. XJCLW tried to build up energy spheres like bass, but it didn't work. One noob shot his arm off and when XJCLW realized he was to be dead soon (as that was his weapon arm), he looked behind himself then back at his shoulder. Tentacles were coming out, wrapping around each other to form a new arm.

Chapter 3: The OBC Serum.

He grabbed TooProMex and EricBlox9 then ran as fast as he could, stopping at the next street corner for safety. He spent all of his ROBUX on the OBC serum – a serum that normally grants people ROBUX and other Builders Club items. But, for admins, mods, and creators/descendants of admins, mods and creators it gives them special powers.

XJCLW popped open the serum, then it got knocked out of his hand and broke on the ground. Some splashed into his mouth, luckily, and he felt stronger, better, then..... darkness. He felt sick, as if travelling at light speed, then suddenly was watching himself wake up in his room, via a window ledge. He silently crawled in.

XJCLW used his wrist-grappling hook to pull the briefcase out from under his bed.

I guess this is what he meant. I had those tendrils that wrapped up to heal my arm.. wonder if I can use em now? He thought to himself. He opened the brief case, then a blue light appeared around his hands, not unlike what was around Bass's hands when he made the practice-energy balls. XJCLW lowered his hand and pressed down on the bottom, thinking of what to do.

Chapter 4: The PT-ST4 Mobile Armour and Weaponry Suit

Suddenly, his wall opened up behind him, revealing a pod containing a PT-ST4 mobile suit. Yes, just what I need. Wait... this thing contains an interdimensional transporter.... I have an idea! Thought XJCLW.

He decided to put his arms out, as he'd seen on the television superheroes putting their arms out and similar suits would fly piece-by-piece onto them. Suddenly, the mobile suit split open in the front, so XJCLW walked into it and matched up his position to that of the suit. The front half shot onto him, and he kicked shut the briefcase, making a loud thud. His past self, still sleeping, was starting to make noise. Oh no, I've altered the past, time to get out of here! He thought to himself, sliding the closed briefcase back under the bed. He saw his door getting punched at, so his sleeping self was about to wake up....

XJCLW quickly thought of himself, back in the future, in front of a whole army of noobs, then everything blurred until it was dark, and he found himself back in the future, wearing the suit.

He held up his hand and a laser beam shot out, slicing noobs and guests infront of him. One guest, though, jumped over his laser and disappeared. All XJCLW could see was a faint blurred spot in the shape of a guest in his vision, so he turned on the suit's infra-red vision capabilities. Guests usually weren't warm like noobs, novices, and higher, yet this one was. The guest became visible again, and XJCLW retracted his visor. It split in half then moved into the sides of the mask.

“Who are you? You're not a real guest!” asked XJCLW. The guest turned around, and it didn't have the text on his back telling him to make a free account to change how he looked. “You... you're ROBLOX! Admin's apprentice! But you're also mute..” yelled XJCLW. He looked down and ROBLOX had an illumina sticking out of his front, clearly coming in through his back. Blood drizzled down from ROBLOX and when he fell, he was split in half, going up from where he was stabbed.

Chapter 5: 1x1x1x1's Return

XJCLW looked up, shedding a tear. If admin had died years ago, and his apprentice was just killed, and the only rulers left are normal admins and moderators, then ROBLOXia would disappear, fizzling away place by place. Then, he realized who had stabbed him. 1X1x1x1, ruler of banland, hacker of hackers, bad guy of bad guys, ROBLOXian demon of demons, the ROBLOXdevil, stood there, laughing.

XJCLW shut his visor. His suit smashed, creating four evenly spaced holes in the back, and big, black tendrils shot out. They picked up 1x1x1x1. “I will rip you limb from limb and defeat you like I have before, just now permanently. You've really done yourself in now!” said XJCLW, whimpering and quivering. White-hot knives extended out of every square millistud on 1x1x1x1's body, stabbing the tendrils and freeing himself, and then the noob flag rose over ROBLOX's body. But it was different. Instead of a standing noob with raining green bricks on a blue background, it was 1x1x1x1 in the front where the noobs should be, and a ring of tiny noobs and guests holding hands in a circle around him.

1X1x1x1 teleported behind XJCLW. The tendrils retracted and the holes sealed up, but he was to late to turn around. 1X1x1x1 had hit him with the IP ban hack – a hack no account ever made it out of. His eyes rolled into the back of his head, and his friends watched from a distance. Toopromex sprinted towards XJCLW, and EricBlox9 pulled out a laser rifle. “This is for my friend, nub!” shouted EricBlox9, pulling the trigger. He felt a finger tap his shoulder, so he turned around. He was facing 1x1x1x1.

Toopromex had reached XJCLW's body. He screamed into the air, “1x1x1x1, you will pay for your actions today!” when suddenly, he felt a hand grab his wrist. He looked down, and XJCLW had gotten up. XJCLW opened his mouth, and a huge black tendril shot out, wrapping around Toopromex's arm, helping himself get up. He smacked his wrist and caused a portal to appear.

“I'm going for our biggest ally... and our worst enemy. Them together is, I guess, ROBLOX's last hope.” said XJCLW. Toopromex's eyes widened.

“Our ally.... you don't mean... BlockLand? We're not allies, we just have a 3 year ceasefire! Also, don't even think about Minecraft, you know what happened last time, with the fall of Admin!”

XJCLW pretended that he didn't hear Toopromex and walked through the portal, closing it behind him. Toopromex managed to jump through as it was closing, and ended up tackling XJCLW to the ground. They looked around – the ground was flat, but covered in squares. There were people everywhere, but they weren't of ROBLOX – they had no arms, just shoulders and hands – square heads, slightly rounded waists, and strange never before seen faces.

They were in BlockLand.

Meanwhile, back in ROBLOXia, Ericblox9 was forced to fight 1x1x1x1 on his own. With his laser cannon, he shot a hole in 1x1x1x1's chest. 1X1x1x1 went flying back, but got up and a new brick cylinder brick appeared and moved to fill the hole. Right, he's got a studio interface hack... oh god! Thought Ericblox9. He quickly moved around 1x1x1x1, and punched his HackPack. When he pulled it out, a studio interface appeared in his vision. He made an infinite looping script that destroyed 1x1x1x1's head. Suddenly, he reappeared - “Renamed.” said 1x1x1x1, as Ericblox9's studio interface fizzles out.

Chapter 6: BlockLand's Government

XJCLW brought up a map of BlockLand City on his HUD. He grabbed Toopromex and flew to the prime minister's house. They rang the doorbell.

“ROBLOXians? Always welcome! Come in, come in!” said Badspot, the BlockLand prime minister. “So what brings you?” asked Badspot

“No time for an explanation. ROBLOX is facing it's biggest threat yet, 1x1x1x1 took over. The guests and noobs of ROBLOX have overrun, and admin as well as ROBLOX have fallen. The admins are barely fighting them off themselves, and as Admin's descendent I am one of the only people who can do anything. We need an alliance in place – and some BlockLand troops!” said XJCLW.]

“1x1x1x1... he's been through every known universe – herobrine, renderman... anything to stop him.... our citizens, your citizens and even the unmentionable's citizens have been terrorized... we will help you in return for part of ROBLOX's land.” said Badspot.

XJCLW nodded and flew out the window, dragging Toopromex by the arm.

Chapter 7: The Challenge of Minecraft

He opened a portal to Minecraft. As he got through, his exoskeleton began to unfold around him, then suddenly he was in some kind of white exoskeleton. Black peices started sticking out of the exoskeleton, and a green light appeared in his chest. A “Shady Mercenary” hat appeared on his head, and a metal Ninja Mask of Shadows appeared on him. A new hud appeared in his vision – “PtoS Version 2.0 Loaded” said a female voice.

Fancy! Thought XJCLW. He flew over to the Minecraft dictatorship. He was standing infront of Notch's black castle – This is it, I guess. he thought. He ran inside and pulled off the security cameras by wrapping his grappling hook around them and pulling them down. He snuck through the vents and popped out in the wall of Notch's room. He fell down behind Notch and tapped him on the shoulder.

“ROBLOXIANS!” shouted Notch, grabbing for his phone. XJCLW shot his grappling hook at the phone to smash it.

“Sorry for the, um, startling entrance, but we need your help! 1X1x1x1, who you know as Herobrine, has overtaken ROBLOX. The admins are barely fighting him and his army of noobs and guests off and many ROBLOXians are turning into his minions like a disease!” said XJCLW.

“Why would I help ROBLOXians? You destroyed my game!” said Notch

“Not us. Those were some old hackers. The AHA have taken care of them.”

“Just get those AHA guys!” said Notch, throwing a lightning bolt at XJCLW. XJCLW pulled out his swords and slashed a perfect X into the wall.

“Don't come crawling back to us when you are overthrown like us. Just so you know, Admin and ROBLOX have fallen – the only people keeping us from destroying your game. Be careful with your actions” said XJCLW, walking away.

Meanwhile, Ericblox9 was fighting off countless noobs with his sword, when he felt a sharp stinging. He looked down, and there was a darkheart right through his chest. He went numb, everything began to go dark, when suddenly it was all over – 1x1x1x1 chopped his head right off. “Any friend of XJCLW is my greatest enemy.”

XJCLW appeared in the portal from Minecraft and saw Ericblox9's brutal execution. Toopromex tackled 1x1x1x1, and managed to run far enough that 1x1x1x1 couldn't aim for him. He ran for the AHA headquarters, but it was collapsed. He saw ag4Official's nametag, and lifted the debris to find 1x1x1x1 instead. XJCLW teleported there, with two swords.

“We end this right here. Right now.” said XJCLW. He saw Builderman falling from a skyscraper, back first, with a noob on top of him punching Builderman.”No more destruction! NO MORE LOSS OF LIFE!” yelled XJCLW, stabbing 1x1x1x1 in the heart. 1x1x1x1's smile face lit up red and noobs poured out of buildings. They all piled on top of XJCLW and 1x1x1x1 turned Toopromex to dust while he was running away. “NO. MORE!” screamed XJCLW, Noobs flying everywhere away from him as a giant shockwave shot out from his torso. He created aura balls in his hand. As 1x1x1x1 pointed his hand at XJCLW, red energy came out of his hand. XJCLW saw everything except him in slow motion – he pulled out his swords and blocked the energy, reflecting it back at him, just stronger.

He jumped up in the air on his side and begin to spin with his arms out holding his swords, like a sideways tornado of blades. His arms acted as a propeller, pushing him forwards and slicing up 1x1x1x1. The parts formed back together and 5 red beams EACH shot out of all of 1x1x1x1's fingers. He spawned in a gun and began to shoot at XJCLW. XJCLW deflected the beams and facetanked every bullet until 1x1x1x1's last magazine. He caught the bullets and simply crushed them in his hand, dropping them in the ground. As if at the speed of light, he sprinted forwards and held up 1x1x1x1 to a wall by the throat.

“We're one in the same, you know that, right?” said 1x1x1x1

“The difference between us, is that I do what I do for good, and scumbags like your do it for your own personal gain.” said XJCLW. He smashed 1x1x1x1's head into millions of shards. As he was extremely angry, tendrils lashed out of his back and ripped up 1x1x1x1's dead body.

Epilogue: The Vigilante

--------1 year later------

The Vigilante kneeled down on top of a newly re-built skyscraper, created in his name. He stood up, his PtoS upgrading to 3.0. He took off his mask. “No more XJCLW.... my past is buried with the bodies of my friends and family....” he said to himself, getting up.

“ROBLOXia still owes The Vigilante for it's continued existance, or at least freedom. Nobody yet knows who he is, but we do know that he is our protector.” said a news reporter for ROFOX News. The Vigilante jumped off of the top of the sky scraper, diving down head first, catching a wall with his grappling hook. He reeled in, and began to run sideways on the wall with his PtoS 3.0 magnet-based adhesive foot armour. He dug into the wall with his armour's new talons, dangling from his hand, when he saw an explosion at the ROBLOX Red House.

“Here we go again!” sighed XJCLW, grappling from building to building, occasionally gliding on his black cape that extends out of his suit when he falls for too long.

THE END (or is it?)


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I like to draw stuff.... not very good stuff, but stuff. I mostly do comic book style, with a pencil and paper. Getting a tablet soon - #thisisagoodideaforonce

Also, to all who wish to use any of my artwork not labeled as base: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:


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